Training & Support

Training & Support

Whether you are buying a business or franchise,you can have access to a huge information and support from our team. When youbuy a business or franchise from us, you are guaranteed 1 year of training andsupport. We can also offer short term, long term or lifetime support if you areinterested in additional add-on for your business.  

We know how difficult your first year of business can be, this is why weendeavour to provide valuable training and support. 

Our team includes Web Developers, Marketers, Creative Designers, Accountantsand Sales team. Our team are well trained and qualified from variousbackgrounds. You are also provided with free material such as Marketingmaterial and suppliers needed for your business to reduce the risk, with adviceto help save you both time and money. 

Being an independent, privately owned company, our future development istotally governed by client satisfaction. Our investment in staff training andtechnology will continue to be a fundamental aspects in ensuring that youalways receive the best options available for any given program.

Each client we receive on board are designated with Operational Consultantswho maintains regular contact with you at your most conveniences time. 

Ourexperts will help make your job easier, and grow your business. Start now tobenefit from a single point of contact to manage marketing, email, web and more - today.

Apartnership with Obianke’s Businesses simplifies your business while buildingValue.

In themidst of complex competition and an ever changing marketplace, we are here as atrusted partner to help you navigate. We have worked with local businesses foryears, and we know a lot about them. Listings, reviews, you name it, we offertools and products that are rich in features, and second to none.

Ourunbeatable support and training is one of our highest rated offerings.

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