Types of Online Businesses You Can Start Today.

Types of Online Businesses You Can Start Today.

If you are interested in starting your business today, it may sound like a difficult task that you can not do but the internet has opened up a lot of options for you to be your own boss.  Here are just some of the business types that you can start online!


Re-selling products on the internet can be a great way to earn money, the key is finding a source for low cost items that you can sell for more. Are you a low price ninja, garage sale guru or an antique shopper? You can find items at a low cost and then sell them online on sites like eBay for a higher price. You keep the profit and continue sourcing new products. Buy low, sell high!


Since we mentioned writing, we want to add that editing might be right up your ally. Do you find yourself critiquing articles or social media posts as you read them? Editing might be perfect for you.  With so many people writing, whether  it be for school, work, or fun, almost all of those people need editing services and the internet makes a perfect place to offer those services.

Online Store

eBay, Amazon, Shopify and Alibaba are excellent choices to start online stores.  T-shirts, jewellery, shoes, pretty much any kind of product. If you have stuff that you want to sell, there is almost certainly someone on the internet who wants to buy it.

Business Coaching

There are people all over the world who need a helping hand and coaching over the internet is the perfect way for them to get it. There has been an explosion of coaches happening since there’s no regulation or certification needed. You can use your expertise to help others! If its your speciality helping other businesses succeed? Business coaching might be your niche. Where many business owners are familiar with their industry, they might need some help with other aspects of running a business. Marketing, Sales, Web Strategy and more. If you have solid results and business experience, you can make a lot of money helping people get the job they want.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is essentially the process of selling products for another website.  Many people operate more than one affiliate marketing sites making them extra money. If you’re just starting out with an online business idea, you don’t even need a product. With programs like JVZoo and other affiliate networks, you can simply earn money by sharing other people’s products!

Graphic Design

Do you have a talent creating all things graphic and visual?  Digital art work that can be found across the internet and on every website, which means there’s a high demand for this type of service.  If you want to share your artistry with the world, offering graphic design services might be perfect for you.


Freelance writing and other forms of writing have become the backbone of the internet.  Not only do readers want reliable content, business owners are looking to hire writers like never before. You can easily find paid writing gigs just by performing a simple internet search!

Voice Over Services

Books, YouTube videos, and sales videos all require voice covers, it is easy to do this with a good microphone and an internet connection.


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